Megaupload Asks US Court to Dismiss Indictment, Cites Jurisdiction | More Cloud Investment: Sonian Picks Up $13.6M For Cloud Archiving And Search | Cookoo: Move Over, Pebble, There's A New E-Watch In Town | Dell business PC product refresh includes laptop with 32.7 hours of battery life | Michigan students 'play VC' in a $25M biotech round

Megaupload Asks US Court to Dismiss Indictment, Cites Jurisdiction

Posted by PCWorld
Megaupload cannot be brought within the jurisdiction of a federal court in Virginia for criminal proceedings without its consent, as federal rules do not contemplate service of a criminal summons on a wholly foreign corporation without an agent or offices in the U.S., its lawyers said in a filing on Wednesday.
The move to get the court to dismiss the criminal case against the Hong Kong based file-sharing site comes a day after a court in Auckland ruled that Megaupload founder, Kim Dotcom, should be allowed access to documents that contain evidence against him, held by prosecutors in the U.S. and New Zealand.
Dotcom and colleagues, and two companies including Megaupload, were indicted by a gr[...]
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More Cloud Investment: Sonian Picks Up $13.6M For Cloud Archiving And Search

Posted by TechCrunch
As more businesses and consumers sign up to services that operate in the cloud, so more companies working in this space continue to get attention from investors. The latest is Sonian, a specialist in cloud-based archiving and search services, which has picked up a C-round of $13.6 million.
With the funding, OpenView Venture Partners becomes a strategic partner of Sonian. OpenView — you may recall — in March announced a new $200 million fund specifically for cloud and big data investments. Existing investors Summerhill Venture Prtners and Prism VentureWorks also participated, and this brings the total invested in Sonian to-date is now at $27 million. Worth pointing out, too, that[...]
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Cookoo: Move Over, Pebble, There’s A New E-Watch In Town

Posted by TechCrunch
Although I seriously doubt these things will take off into the stratosphere like the Pebble, the Cookoo watch on Kickstarter has already hit $120,000 on a $150,000 target, placing it up with the big boys in the crowdsourcing race. The Cookoo is essentially an e-ink watch with a few wireless tricks up its sleeve – namely Bluetooth connectivity that will notify you when you have messages, etc.
The watch costs $80 and is far less complex than the Pebble. The watch uses a small CR2032 battery and doesn’t need to be recharged. The best thing? It has a single button on it that can be used to trigger various functions including Facebook checkins, photo taking, and location tagging.
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Dell business PC product refresh includes laptop with 32.7 hours of battery life

Posted by VentureBeat
Dell is launching a wave of new Latitude laptops and OptiPlex desktops for business users today. They include a laptop that can reach up to 32.7 hours of battery life (with an extra battery pack), getting well past the day-long limit that has held back laptops for years.
That raises the likelihood that you’ll be able to use it for a bunch of sessions and may forget to charge it altogether when the battery gets low. Still, that’s a better problem to have than a laptop that lasts for maybe a few hours.
The new laptops (pictured at top) use Intel’s latest line of Core microprocessors, based on the Ivy Bridge chip design. They also include features such as better manageability[...]
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Michigan students ‘play VC’ in a $25M biotech round

Posted by VentureBeat
Students in the University of Michigan’s MBA entrepreneurship school have just participated in a huge round — $25 million altogether — for Sonitus, a biomedical devices startup.
The students manage the Wolverine Venture Fund, a $5.5 million fund that generally does small, early-stage investments. Interestingly, quite a few of the fund’s 20 portfolio companies — all hand-picked by students — have been in the life sciences and medical fields.
The Wolverine Fund previously invested in Sonitus in March 2011. Other investors in the previous round included Arboretum Ventures and Affinity Ventures.
The startup makes really fascinating hearing aids that work by co[...]
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