Alleged Lulzsec Member, Ryan Cleary, Indicted in U.S. | $200 Headphone Review Battle! Bowers & Wilkins P3 Vs Beats By Dr. Dre Solo | Nokia axing 10K jobs, dropping 3 high-level execs | Microsoft Surface: A new tablet and a bold strategy | Denmark's Iconfinder Snaps Up $1.5M To Take On Google And Shutterstock, Uses SV's AngelList To Find A Danish Backer

Alleged Lulzsec Member, Ryan Cleary, Indicted in U.S.

Posted by PCWorld
A U.S. federal grand jury has indicted Ryan Cleary, a British citizen, accusing him of orchestrating a hacking rampage last year that victimized Sony Pictures Entertainment, Fox Entertainment Group and others.
The indictment, filed on Tuesday in Los Angeles district court, alleges Cleary ran a powerful botnet used to execute distributed denial-of-service (DDOS) attacks, vandalize websites and steal sensitive data as part of the hacking group Lulz Security, or LulzSec.
LulzSec, an offshoot of Anonymous, fell under heavy scrutiny from law enforcement worldwide for its successful attacks and relentless bravado, often publicized through its Twitter account.
Cleary, 20, was arrested in June 2011[...]
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$200 Headphone Review Battle! Bowers & Wilkins P3 Vs Beats By Dr. Dre Solo

Posted by TechCrunch
Two gadgets enter, one leaves. It?s that simple. Welcome to the TC Gadget Review Battle where two competing products are pitted against each other. No wishy-washy conclusion based on an arbitrary numbering system, just a reliable buying recommendation.
Bowers & Wilkins is making a smart play for consumer electronics. The 50-year-old British audio company just released the $200 P3 headphones, joining the $550 over-the-ear P5 and the $179 C5 in-ear headphones. The new set promises much of what the P5 offers for more than half the price. It is, in a sense, a headphone for the MP3 crowd. This new set hits a crowded market dominated by several big brands. This includes Beats By Dr. Dre, which[...]
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Nokia axing 10K jobs, dropping 3 high-level execs

Posted by VentureBeat
Finnish phone manufacturer Nokia will cut around 10,000 jobs by the end of 2013 in a wide-ranging cost reduction measure, the company announced today.
Nokia is in a precarious position now as it tries to offer a smartphone lineup of Windows Phones (like the Lumia 900 in the photo above) after selling Symbian-based phones for many years. In April, the company’s head of sales stepped down after Nokia incurred a $1.7B first quarter loss. The company also showed it was willing to cut marketing costs by frustratingly shrinking its usually big Nokia World event.
CEO Stephen Elop will cut around 10,000 positions as well as shut down research and production sites in his largest bid to re-organ[...]
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Microsoft Surface: A new tablet and a bold strategy

Posted by Gigaom
Microsoft did Monday what many would consider unthinkable:�It introduced Surface, a new 10.6-inch tablet with two different models designed and built by Microsoft. Aside from the Xbox 360 platform, mice and keyboards, Microsoft hasn’t had much success in its own hardware products, but the Surface slates look appealing and well thought out.
Even if the tablets do sell well — they’re set to launch in conjunction with Windows 8 later this year — there’s a key strategic difference from the successful Xbox: Surface tablets place Microsoft in direct competition with its licensees for both tablets and PCs.
From what I saw of the Surface, there’s much to like. The[...]
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Denmark’s Iconfinder Snaps Up $1.5M To Take On Google And Shutterstock, Uses SV’s AngelList To Find A Danish Backer

Posted by TechCrunch
AngelList has established itself as a go-to place for early-stage startups to connect with potential investors, and a recent deal underscores how its effect is not only limited to its home base of Silicon Valley. Iconfinder, a Copenhagen-based online marketplace that has been riding the mobile wave with a portal for icons to use iOS and Android apps (among other places), has recently raised $1.5 million in seed funding through the network — ironically using it to connect with VF Venture, a Danish investor in its own backyard.
The funding will be used to continue developing the company’s main marketplace in competition against Google, stock photo sites like iStockphoto and Shutter[...]
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