Dropbox Will Soon Be Done With Public Folders, But Existing Users Get To Keep Them | Apple and Samsung account for 90% of smartphone industry profits, says ABI | Mistakes, Heavy Competition Forces Nokia to Reboot | Imangi Taps Disney/Pixar To Launch 'Temple Run: Brave' Ahead Of Movie Launch | The9's Chinese mobile game network reaches 10M users and 12M downloads (exclusive)

Dropbox Will Soon Be Done With Public Folders, But Existing Users Get To Keep Them

Posted by TechCrunch
Dropbox can be a nifty service to have in your digital arsenal, but a new change to the service may make sharing files a little less straightforward. According to an email sent to developers who use the Dropbox API, the cloud storage company will no longer be creating Public folders for new users starting on July 31.
Fret not, you current Dropbox users — a Dropbox representative left a note on the company?s support forums stating that the functionality won?t disappear for current users, but those who create new accounts after the cutoff date won?t be able to their dump files in a public folder to simplify sharing.
The Dropbox team has been busy though, and last month they added a new f[...]
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Apple and Samsung account for 90% of smartphone industry profits, says ABI

Posted by VentureBeat
It’s hard out there for a smartphone manufacturer — especially when you’re up against mobile titans like Apple and Samsung.
The two companies made up 90 percent of the entire smartphone industry’s profits in the first quarter of 2012, and also hold 50 percent of the smartphone market, according to the latest research from ABI.
Apple shipped 35 million smartphones last quarter, as it announced in its last earnings report, while Samsung shipped 43 million, according to ABI. Samsung has been the only truly profitable Android manufacturer for some time, and its continued success seems to indicate that Android is a bad money-maker for anyone not at the top.
While Apple and[...]
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Mistakes, Heavy Competition Forces Nokia to Reboot

Posted by PCWorld
Nokia is betting on camera functionality, navigation technology and further price reductions for its Windows Phone-based products to turn the company around after a round of cost cuts. Breaking Apple's and Samsung's stranglehold on the smartphone market won't be easy, however.
Nokia's announcement Thursday that it will lay off 10,000 workers by the end of next year to cut annual operating costs by an additional €1.6 billion (US$2 billion) doesn't surprise analysts.
"It is definitely a move where Nokia is facing up to reality. The size of its business needs to reflect the market opportunity the company has today, and that is very different from Nokia in its heydey," said Ben Wood, direc[...]
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Imangi Taps Disney/Pixar To Launch ‘Temple Run: Brave’ Ahead Of Movie Launch

Posted by TechCrunch
Despite the fact that almost nothing happens but running, turning, jumping and sliding, Temple Run is one of the most popular games on mobile. In fact, in just a month on the platform the Android version of the game saw 10 million downloads. But there’s gotta be more to life than jumping over overgrown tree roots and sliding under bridges, which is why a new version of the game has been brought to life within the App Store and Google Play.
It’s a collaborative project between Imangi Studios, makers of the original Temple Run, and Disney/Pixar, which has a big new movie coming out soon titled Brave.
The game is pretty much the same in terms of features, save for a new feature call[...]
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The9′s Chinese mobile game network reaches 10M users and 12M downloads (exclusive)

Posted by VentureBeat
Online game operator The9 has set up a mobile game publishing business in China. Today, the company is announcing it has had more than 12 million downloads and 10 million users for its social gaming platform, The9 Game Zone. And the company projects it will have more than 1,000 games available on its platform by the end of 2012.
The company has already partnered with developers to bring 880 mobile games to the Chinese market. Half of those games are from Western developers.
China is a strategically important market for all game companies, since it has a billion mobile internet users and represents an enormous revenue opportunity for developers.
The9 Mobile localizes games for the Chinese mar[...]
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