SAP's Tech Chief Affirms ERP on HANA Database by Year-end, Touts Momentum | Making The Web Faster: CloudFlare Adds Support For Google's SPDY Protocol | CTO Bret Taylor unfriends Facebook (update) | New video: See the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 in action | Microsoft Schedules Two Major Mystery Media Events Next Week

SAP's Tech Chief Affirms ERP on HANA Database by Year-end, Touts Momentum

Posted by PCWorld
SAP technology chief Vishal Sikka has reaffirmed that the company will have its core ERP (enterprise resource planning) software running on the HANA in-memory database by the end of this year.
Sikka first made the claim in a January interview with IDG News Service, and repeated it during another conversation this week on the eve of HANA's one-year anniversary since becoming generally available.
The port to SAP Business Suite's core ERP modules is "on track" with an RTC (release to customers) planned to arrive this year, Sikka said. RTC is a stage short of general availability, however, with a controlled group of initial customers.
Eventually, SAP hopes to lure customers now running Oracle's[...]
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Making The Web Faster: CloudFlare Adds Support For Google’s SPDY Protocol

Posted by TechCrunch
CloudFlare, the fast-growing service that aims to make websites faster and safer, today announced this it starting to roll out support for Google’s SPDY protocol on its network. For the time being, this is just a beta test (you can sign up here), but the company will likely roll this feature out to all of its paying customers later this year.
Google announced its SPDY project more than two years ago. The idea behind it is to improve HTTP by reducing overhead (SPDY only opens one connection to the server and can fetch more than one resource at a time) and compressing data wherever possible. Today, SPDY is obviously being used heavily by Google, both on its servers and in its Chrome brow[...]
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CTO Bret Taylor unfriends Facebook (update)

Posted by VentureBeat
Updated with a statement from Mark Zuckerberg.
Facebook CTO Bret Taylor will leave the social networking giant by the end of the summer, according to AllThingsD.
Taylor has been the CTO of Facebook for the past two years. Prior to that, Taylor was the CEO of social startup FriendFeed, which Facebook acquired. Before founding FriendFeed, Taylor was product manager at Google and an entrepreneur-in-residence at Benchmark Capital, according to his LinkedIn profile.
It’s unclear how the departure will affect the company’s reputation of being able to hold onto talent, especially in light of the company’s IPO last month. Now as a newly public company, Facebook is under much more s[...]
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New video: See the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 in action

Posted by Gigaom
It?s just been a few days since Amazon accidentally published some key details about the upcoming launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, and there?s already another leak. A new video on YouTube shows the slate in action (hat tip to All About Samsung).
Check it out below:
Amazon had listed the Galaxy Note 10.1 available for pre-order earlier this week. The website noted that the slate would become available within three to five weeks, but the listing was pulled soon after, with Samsung telling press that the listing had happened in error.
The Galaxy Note 10.1 was first announced by Samsung at Mobile World Congress, and there have been consistent rumors that the device will feature a quad-cor[...]
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Microsoft Schedules Two Major Mystery Media Events Next Week

Posted by PCWorld
Microsoft will host media events in Los Angeles on June 18 and in San Francisco on June 20. Best guesses so far focus on Windows 8 RT tablets and/or Windows Phone 8 announcements[...]
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