Uber Wants To Drive You To The Philly Mini Meet-Up | The case for responsive design | Eye-Fi Plays the Waiting Game With the SD Association | Apple iOS 6 Maps Ported Over To An iPhone 4, 3D Flyover Mode Intact | YammerSoft: What the industry thinks of Microsoft's rumored Yammer buy

Uber Wants To Drive You To The Philly Mini Meet-Up

Posted by TechCrunch
Next Tuesday we’re invading Philly for an evening of networking, fun, and bacchanalian pleasure. Are you coming?
Josh Zelman, Jordan Crook, Chris Velazco, and myself will be rolling into Philadelphia on Tuesday morning and we’re ready to talk start-ups, tech, and all things in between. We’re excited to head out to the city of brotherly love and we’re also excited to announce a new sponsor, Uber, who is offering a special gift to our Philly readers.
The Philly Meetup will begin promptly at 6pm and go until 10pm, and will be held in The Fieldhouse on June 19. If you’d like to RSVP, head on over to our Plancast page. Specific questions can be directed to john@techc[...]
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The case for responsive design

Posted by VentureBeat
Peter Yared, CTO of CBS Interactive, stirred up a bit of controversy recently when he wrote that adaptive design techniques make it difficult for publishers to monetize content.
Peter argues for designing interfaces that take advantage of users? familiarity with native device features, such as swiping on a tablet, scrolling on a website and paging through a mobile interface. Elliot Jay Stocks does a pretty nice job of taking Peter to task on his blog, ?Has adaptive design failed? Of course it bloody hasn?t,? so I won?t pile on here. However, given the intensity of the debate, I think it?s worth furthering the dialogue.
I?ll start by clarifying the difference between adaptive and responsive d[...]
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Eye-Fi Plays the Waiting Game With the SD Association

Posted by PCWorld
The SD Association has informed Eye-Fi CEO Yuval Koren that his company's intellectual-property claims on the iSDIO standard have been reviewed, but Eye-Fi is waiting for the results of the review[...]
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Apple iOS 6 Maps Ported Over To An iPhone 4, 3D Flyover Mode Intact

Posted by TechCrunch
News that Apple’s brand-spankin’ new Maps app wouldn’t have full functionality across all of their iOS 6-capable devices struck many as a major blow this week. Apple’s known to keep flagship features on flagship devices, so relegating turn-by-turn navigation and the 3D “Flyover” mode to the iPhone 4S and new iPad only fits with that strategy.
But it turns out that a Russian website called iGuides has cracked the case, at least where Flyover mode is concerned. Without even using Cydia, the hackers have found a way to get Maps up and running on an iPhone 4, including Flyover. Unfortunately, turn-by-turn navigation is still a trouble spot.
Before we go any f[...]
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YammerSoft: What the industry thinks of Microsoft’s rumored Yammer buy

Posted by VentureBeat
Although nothing is certain until cash is in the bank,�Microsoft’s $1.2 billion acquisition of Yammer looks pretty much like a done deal. VentureBeat asked some industry analysts and experts what they think this deal will do to Yammer, Microsoft, and the enterprise social networking industry as a whole.
Please note, the opinions expressed here are the individuals’ own.
Aaron Fulkerson, who runs MindTouch, a social help system and knowledge base said that this was a much-needed move by Microsoft.�Fulkerson worked at Microsoft until 2003 as a program manager, reporting to chief strategy officer Craig Mundie. He said the acquisition is an important one from Microsoft’s perspec[...]
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