Emergency Workers Scan QR Codes to Quickly Access Health Information | Ford Opens Motor City Innovation Exchange, A Showroom For Detroit Startups | Here Are The Five Startups In i/o Ventures' Spring 2012 Class | Korea's 21-month-old e-commerce startup Coupang will generate $600M in revenue this year | 46M apps are downloaded from Apple's App Store every day

Emergency Workers Scan QR Codes to Quickly Access Health Information

Posted by PCWorld
QR codes are being used for more than just advertisements in Marin County, California. There, paramedics hope the stickers could help save lives in emergency situations.
Lifesquare, a Silicon Valley start-up, has partnered with two emergency response agencies in Marin County to run a year-long pilot program. Lifesquare wants residents to input personal information about their medications into its website, then place corresponding QR code stickers where emergency responders can scan them with an iPhone. The secure link from the sticker will then provide paramedics and firefighters with information they need during a medical response call.
Lifesquare said its first task will be to get people t[...]
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Ford Opens Motor City Innovation Exchange, A Showroom For Detroit Startups

Posted by TechCrunch
The economic downturn of the last few years hit few cities as hard as Detroit. Still, the city has recently become somewhat of a startup hub in its own right and today Ford Global Technologies, a wholly owned subsidiary of Ford Motor Company that manages Ford’s intellectual property portfolio, announced that it is opening a showroom for “innovators to show off their creations to peers and potential customers.” This Motor City Innovation Exchange will be open to anyone, as a Ford spokesperson told us earlier today. The goal here is to build a marketplace for licensing technological innovation from local startups across and beyond the auto industry. The public will be able to[...]
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Here Are The Five Startups In i/o Ventures’ Spring 2012 Class

Posted by TechCrunch
i/o Ventures, the incubator and co-working space located in San Francisco’s Mission District, just held the demo day for its latest batch of startups. All of them have been working out of the i/o offices for the past three months, and have also received a $25,000 investment.
It’s pretty hard to judge someone based on a short presentation, but if nothing else, all of the ideas sound pretty cool or at least interesting, and there’s a nice mix of consumer and business products. Here’s the list of companies:
Avenue — A tool for managing the landlord-tenant relationship. It creates a single location online where landlords can review applications, run credit checks, and col[...]
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Korea’s 21-month-old e-commerce startup Coupang will generate $600M in revenue this year

Posted by VentureBeat
As a student at the Harvard Business School, Bom Kim asked his entrepreneurship professor if he should drop put of school to do a startup. The professor told him no. But Kim dropped out anyway, and it was the best move of his life.
Now he is chief executive and founder of Korean e-commerce site Coupang. Kim (pictured) started Coupang in 2010 as a kind of daily deals e-commerce site, before Groupon hit it big in the U.S. Now the company has seen torrid growth and has a revenue run-rate of $600 million in revenues.
Coupang has expanded beyond deals to physical e-commerce and is now the fifth-most-visited e-commerce site in South Korea. But in a presentation at Altos Ventures’ conference[...]
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46M apps are downloaded from Apple’s App Store every day

Posted by VentureBeat
Every day, 46 million mobile applications are downloaded from Apple’s App Store, according to Kleiner Perkins Caufield and Byers partner Mary Meeker.
Meeker spoke today about the ways Silicon Valley is changing almost everything we use in a staggering way the All Things Digital’s D 10 conference in Rancho Palos Verdes, Calif. Indeed, many of her slides included a picture of the way things used to be and the way Silicon Valley has changed it. For instance, one of Meeker’s slides showed a notepad for remembering things and making to do lists. On the other side of the slide was a picture of the Evernote application.
KPCB arrived at this conclusion after looking the App Store[...]
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