8 Reasons to Gear Up For HTML5 Now | Is solar right for your business? | Sprint's Direct Connect now works on 2G, tripling its coverage | PrankDial: A small developer?s struggle with the Android Market | Ultraslim Ultrabook Laptops Get Cheaper

8 Reasons to Gear Up For HTML5 Now

Posted by PCWorld
Fortunately, HTML5 is ready to answer the call. While the cross-platform markup language won't be finalized by the W3C until 2014 there are significant reasons to get the bandwagon now.
The fifth revision of the HTML standard has become bigger than the sum of its most recent enhancements. What most people refer to when they say HTML5 is actually a collection of technologies-HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
Making Web Apps Behave Like Client Apps
HTML has long been the standard for building and deploying Web content. Now it appears that this technology is on its way to being the standard for building and deploying apps as well. The newest iteration represents a shift towards client-side Web developm[...]
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Is solar right for your business?

Posted by VentureBeat
It’s a question that puzzles many CEOs: Is going solar the right choice? Even though solar is the most mature renewable technology, tested in multiple residential and commercial installations, business leaders are still uncertain about making the move. As rebates and incentives start to dry up, the window of opportunity that make solar an attractive investment is closing. Here are a few questions that may help you decide whether to go solar or not:
Does Solar fit in with your financial model?
The facts point towards a revision to common thinking about solar: There has been a dramatic drop in solar PV prices from $4.5/Watt in 2006 to $0.81/Watt ($1.01/Watt for non-Chinese products). In[...]
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Sprint’s Direct Connect now works on 2G, tripling its coverage

Posted by Gigaom
Sprint wants its Nextel customers to move to its CDMA network so it can hasten the inevitable retirement of its old iDEN�systems. To coax customers over, Sprint is offering them three times the coverage they currently get with their Nextel phones. Sprint said today it has expanded its CDMA-powered Direct Connect push-to-talk service to its entire 2G footprint.
The new Direct Connect extends Nextel?s old walkie-talkie service to Sprint?s IP-based CDMA data network, using a technology developed by Qualcomm called QChat. Formerly that meant Direct Connect were reliant on an 3G EV-DO connection, but Sprint now believes that its 2G CDMA 1X network has the bandwidth oomph to support QChat?s VoIP c[...]
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PrankDial: A small developer?s struggle with the Android Market

Posted by VentureBeat
Since entering the Android market in February 2010, PrankDial quickly became a top-performing app with 4 million downloads and 1 million monthly active users. Out of the millions of apps in the Android market, we ranked in the top 100 as an overall app and top 25 in the entertainment category.
An app which lets you send hilarious pre-recorded pranks to your friends and record their reactions-what?s there not to love? Well, Google felt differently. �In October 2011, they removed PrankDial from the Android Market. Their email read:
This is a notification that the application, PRANKDIAL, has been removed from Android Market due to a violation of the Developer Content Policy. �Please review the[...]
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Ultraslim Ultrabook Laptops Get Cheaper

Posted by PCWorld
Prices on new versions of slim Ultrabooks get closer to the prices of standard laptops[...]
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