AT&T's Toggle BYOD Service Lets Users Shift Work Phone Use to a Separate Plan | Social Commerce, Pinterest And The Future Of Fashion Retail | Kleiner Perkins issues point-by-point rebuttal to Ellen Pao allegations | Should Netflix buy Spotify? | A.R.O. Reveals Saga, An "Ambient Companion" That Watches What You Do To Make Personal Recommendations

AT&T's Toggle BYOD Service Lets Users Shift Work Phone Use to a Separate Plan

Posted by PCWorld
AT&T's Toggle service for creating work-only sectors of Android phones is expanding to Apple iOS and will let workers put their work-related data usage on a separate account.
The carrier introduced Toggle 1.0 last year and offers it to organizations for use on phones from any mobile operator. Toggle divides a phone's software into two environments, one for business use and one with an employee's regular personal apps and content. It's designed to keep business resources encrypted and safe from disruption by consumer apps, plus to help users shift back and forth between work and personal modes.
With Toggle 2.0, announced on Wednesday, users will be able to bring their own phones and table[...]
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Social Commerce, Pinterest And The Future Of Fashion Retail

Posted by TechCrunch
Death of brick-and-mortar retailAndrew Chen�recently recommended a�video�to me, which inspired this post. It’s a keynote by Ron Johnson, the CEO of JC Penney and the man behind Apple?s retail revolution. In the video, Johnson spoke about the history of the department store and why JC Penney has fallen behind.It wasn?t very long ago that stores like JC Penney, Nordstrom, and Gap were the pinnacles of fashion retail. These retailers provided better products at unbeatable prices. Retail buyers acted as personal curators for customers and the in-store experience was exceptional.Then came e-commerce. Predictable products like books, CDs, and electronics drove the first wave of e-commerce fo[...]
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Kleiner Perkins issues point-by-point rebuttal to Ellen Pao allegations

Posted by VentureBeat
A month after Kleiner Perkins partner Ellen Pao filed a lawsuit for gender discrimination and retaliation related to sexual harassment claims, the big-time venture capital firm is responding. KPCB is denying “each and every material allegation” of Pao’s allegations including that Pao raised any concerns over sexual harassment�and discrimination anytime before late 2011, when she came out fighting with a legal team.
In May, a shocker came out of big-time venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins. Partner Ellen Pao accused the firm of gender discrimination and sexual harassment and filed a lawsuit for damages. In her suit, Pao�alleged that in 2006, fellow partner Ajit Nazre pressu[...]
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Should Netflix buy Spotify?

Posted by Gigaom
Netflix and Spotify are a bit like two peas in a pod: Both are championing all-you-can-eat subscription packages over transactional models for online media. Both are trying to establish themselves as global leaders. Both have the potential to disrupt traditional business models. Both want to be on as many devices as possible. Maybe they should just join forces, with Netflix buying the smaller Spotify?
A quick but important preface: This story isn?t based on any rumors, and it?s definitely not meant to start one. To be honest, I don?t think Netflix is in the market of buying up companies like Spotify, especially after last year?s Quickster debacle. Netflix?s stock currently trades at $66.73,[...]
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A.R.O. Reveals Saga, An “Ambient Companion” That Watches What You Do To Make Personal Recommendations

Posted by TechCrunch
We’ve just been given a first look at Saga, a new mobile companion emerging from Seattle startup A.R.O. You can think of Saga as Siri’s little sister, perhaps. Instead of asking it questions or giving the app simple tasks (what’s the weather, add meeting calendar, e.g.), Saga is there, quietly tracking your behavior, your location and learning about your preferences, in order to make smarter recommendations about what you should do next. It’s the next evolution of those “ambient location” apps which were all the rage at this year’s SXSW, perhaps.
A.R.O is run by CEO Andy Hickl, formerly of Swingly, the NLP-based answer engine launched back in 2010. S[...]
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