Eucalyptus Moves to GitHub | General Assembly Expands In New York, Has Sights Set On Educating The World | Here's what really happens when you report a rude or spammy Facebook post | Microsoft's Nadella: We will democratize big data | Free Wi-Fi Threatened by Porn Maker's Lawsuit

Eucalyptus Moves to GitHub

Posted by PCWorld
Eucalyptus Systems has updated its IaaS (infrastructure as a platform) cloud computing software so that computing jobs may be started more easily.
The open source Eucalyptus 3.1, to be released June 27, will also be the first version to be available on the GitHub online repository of open source software, providing a central place for developers to work on the code.
Developed by a University of California researcher, Eucalyptus is a cloud software platform that reproduces the Amazon Web Services API (application programming interface). With this software, organizations could duplicate AWS internally, allowing them to move jobs easily between Amazon and an in-house system. In March, Amazon an[...]
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General Assembly Expands In New York, Has Sights Set On Educating The World

Posted by TechCrunch
(Photos by John Ha for TechCrunch)
New York is an interesting place for startups. Not because they’re technologically driven or that they’re chasing after the Valley but because New York has something to offer everyone. It’s a town filled with over eight million people across every industry known to man. And it’s in that spirit that General Assembly�has grown over the last year and morphed into what it is today, an education driven startup looking to impact the local startup community and help them grow.
Having outgrown the previous space at 902 Broadway, which is sandwiched between the Flatiron and Union Square, the team at GA has moved up the block to a larger campu[...]
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Here’s what really happens when you report a rude or spammy Facebook post

Posted by VentureBeat
Think twice before you start throwing shade on Facebook, ladies and gentlemen; you’re being watched, especially when it comes to bullying, threats, insults, and spam. In fact, you might even attract the attention of law enforcement.
Some time ago, Facebook started allowing users to report rude or aggressive posts, tags, and comments. Over time, the social reporting system has evolved to give folks more and better tools for putting a stop to content they don’t want to see.
In a new blog post, Facebook staff have revealed the man behind the curtain when it comes to that flagging process and what happens when you’re done clicking and typing — and it’s one heck of a[...]
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Microsoft’s Nadella: We will democratize big data

Posted by Gigaom
Microsoft plans to bring big data to the little guy, said Satya Nadella, president of the Microsoft Server and Tools group and the executive directing the company’s gigantic Windows Azure cloud effort.
The company’s decision to make Hadoop a first-class citizen of Azure is a huge piece of the puzzle, but linking that technology to mere mortal end users with Excel is what will make big data broadly applicable, he said.
“We need to connect those petabytes of data to humans in a workflow. We put the Excel user in the feedback loop. We have to democratize how users can gain insight with our big data strategy,” Nadella said at Structure 2012 Thursday morning.
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Free Wi-Fi Threatened by Porn Maker's Lawsuit

Posted by PCWorld
The Electronic Frontier Foundation warns of a slippery slope from a bogus copyright action involving two roommates[...]
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