Password-Protect Your Files, Folders, and Drives with File Secure Free | Klout: We've Delivered 700K Perks Across 350 Campaigns | 15% of iPhone owners would rather give up sex than go without their phones | Should Twitter have a built-in correction button? | Facebook Acquires

Password-Protect Your Files, Folders, and Drives with File Secure Free

Posted by PCWorld
Your data is like your business blood: It must be protected at all costs. That's why it's a good idea to safeguard your most important data, to back it up in case of disaster, to password-protect it in case of loss or theft, and to destroy it when it's no longer wanted.
Vitarsoft's File Secure Free takes a four-pronged approach to data safety. This utility can create a simple backup, encrypt selected files and folders, password-protect an external drive, and shred unwanted files so they can't be recovered.
That's an impressive roster of capabilities for a freeware utility. There are other products that can handle similar tasks, but most of them tackle only one. Here you get four important an[...]
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Klout: We’ve Delivered 700K Perks Across 350 Campaigns

Posted by TechCrunch
Do Klout Perks ? where brands can offer special goods and services to users with the right Klout scores ? work? Well, Klout is releasing some numbers suggesting that the program has considerable momentum.The company says it has been about two years since it launched the Klout Perks program in July 2010. Since then, it has delivered 700,000 perks in more than 350 campaigns. More than 300 brands have participated, including Disney, Microsoft, HBO, American Express, Chili?s, Chevy, Spotify, and Gilt And customers seem happy with their Perks, giving them an average customer satisfaction rating of 4 out of 5 stars[...]
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15% of iPhone owners would rather give up sex than go without their phones

Posted by VentureBeat
If forced to choose between giving up sex or going without their iPhones, 15 percent of people said they would rather forgo between-the-sheets action for a weekend than part with their beloved mobile gadgets. Perhaps women were surveyed.
Joking aside, the eyebrow-raising finding is legit and comes from a recent survey commissioned by gadget reseller Gazelle.
The results, not at all scientific in nature, represent a 1,000-person pool of Gazelle customers who have traded in at least one iPhone.
“This is Darwinism at its finest. The nerds are weeding themselves out of the breeding process,” said my astute colleague Jolie O’Dell on the survey results.
The no-sex nugget might be[...]
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Should Twitter have a built-in correction button?

Posted by Gigaom
In case you haven’t noticed, Twitter is becoming more and more of a media entity, both by curating and filtering the news and other content that flows through the real-time information network and also by offering to highlight content from certain providers. One of the things that most traditional and even digital-native media entities have is some kind of correction function — either a way of adding to a published piece, or posting an update to correct a fact, or in the case of newspapers and magazines a special section (often all but hidden) with corrections and retractions in it. Should Twitter have such a thing, now that so many people have come to rely on it as a news source[...]
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Facebook Acquires

Posted by PCWorld
Facebook has acquired, the facial recognition software company whose products power Facebook's photo tagging suggestions, according to a blog post.
Rumors of the acquisition began to circulate in late May. also provides branded Facebook apps. Photo Tagger is very similar to the native Facebook app, while Photo Finder, the company's first app, helps users find untagged photos of themselves. offers an API (application programming interface) that powers third-party apps including CelebrityFindr, which allows users to search for photos of celebrities on Twitter using facial recognition technology.
According to the announcement, will continue to support third-p[...]
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