NBC Universal Chooses thePlatform To Bring USA Network, Syfy, And Oxygen Online | Google Offers brings its daily deals to the iPhone | Google: We Find 9,500 New Malicious Sites Every Day | Peter Thiel Launches Mithril: A New $402 Million Late-Stage Fund | TechStars announces scholarship opportunities for DEMO Fall 2012

NBC Universal Chooses thePlatform To Bring USA Network, Syfy, And Oxygen Online

Posted by TechCrunch
NBC Universal is making a big push behind TV Everywhere, with plans to bring a lot more of its cable content online. The plan is to make shows from USA Network, Syfy, and Oxygen available to cable subscribers with access on PCs, as well as on mobile phones, tablets, and other connected devices. To help it get there, it’s chosen thePlatform to manage distribution to all of those platforms.The big news here is that USA, Syfy, and Oxygen could soon be bringing their full-length programming online as part of independent TV Everywhere initiatives. Under TV Everywhere, cable subscribers “authenticate” or log in with their cable or satellite credentials to prove that they pay for[...]
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Google Offers brings its daily deals to the iPhone

Posted by VentureBeat
Google has launched a new stand-alone iPhone app for its Offers daily deals service, the company announced today in a blog post.
While Google Offers may not have caught on as big as Groupon or LivingSocial, the service continues to churn out tons of deals in about 40 cities in the U.S. If you use Offers, you’ll now be able to see deals near you on the map and keep better track of those deals you’ve signed up for on your iPhone. The app can also send you notifications if new deals are available or if deals you’ve purchased are close to expiring.
The company notes the following features inside the well-designed app:
? Instant savings, just around the corner: Quickly discover[...]
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Google: We Find 9,500 New Malicious Sites Every Day

Posted by PCWorld
It's no secret that the Web is full of malicious content, but Google on Tuesday published some statistics that reveal just how breathtaking the scale of that danger really is.
In fact, Google uncovers some 9,500 new malicious websites every day through its Safe Browsing initiative, according to a blog post from Google Security Team blogger Niels Provos.
?These are either innocent websites that have been compromised by malware authors, or others that are built specifically for malware distribution or phishing,? Provos explained. ?While we flag many sites daily, we strive for high quality and have had only a handful of false positives.?
Not only that, but between 12 and 14 million Google Searc[...]
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Peter Thiel Launches Mithril: A New $402 Million Late-Stage Fund

Posted by TechCrunch
Beyond Paypal, Peter Thiel may be best known for his angel investments, most notably, his legendary call with Facebook. But now he’s got something for companies that sit just on the cusp between public and private markets. He’s launching a $402 million growth fund called Mithril for late-stage, privately-held companies.Yes, it’s named after Mithril from the Lord of the Rings. (Bilbo Baggins gave Frodo a shirt made of Mithril chain mail once.) “It’s the choice form of silver from the deepest mines. It’s the toughest substance there is,” said Jim O’Neill, a partner in the fund who is also the former managing director of Clarium, and co-founder of[...]
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TechStars announces scholarship opportunities for DEMO Fall 2012

Posted by VentureBeat
As part of a newly announced DEMO Scholarship Program, 20 unfunded companies and 10 student-run companies can apply for free spots at the DEMO Fall Conference, October 1-3 in Silicon Valley.
Two of these coveted spots are now available to TechStars companies; one for an unfunded company who qualifies to launch at DEMO, and one for a student-run company that qualifies for the Student Alpha Program. TechStars is a program that provides startups with seed funding from over 75 top venture capital firms and angel investors, as well as intense mentorship from hundreds of the best entrepreneurs in the world.
DEMO sets itself apart from all other launch options. DEMO?s track record of success, schol[...]
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