Surface Debut Prompts LG to Stall its Own Tablet | Trippy Brings Its Social Travel Planner To iPad | Samsung's Galaxy S III: It's good to be the Android king (review) | Stealthy startup Bluebox gets $9.5M to secure a BYOD world | HP Announces Low-power Server System With Upcoming Atom Chip

Surface Debut Prompts LG to Stall its Own Tablet

Posted by PCWorld
LG Electronics says it will put its new tablet development on hold and instead focus on smartphones, now that Microsoft is entering the tablet market[...]
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Trippy Brings Its Social Travel Planner To iPad

Posted by TechCrunch
Trippy�a social travel planner for web and mobile (and former TechCrunch Disrupt participant) is launching its first iPad application today to complement its current iPhone-only offering. The app, like many focused on content discovery, looks much more amazing on the iPad, where you can browse big, beautiful photos of places you want to go. You can see the photos laid out in the now-popular, Pinterest-inspired grid layout, or you can view them full screen or alongside a map view.
For those unfamiliar with the service, Trippy’s social travel planning application offers place discovery in a fashion that’s somewhat�reminiscent�of a Pinterest for travel. Where Pinterest has boards, T[...]
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Samsung’s Galaxy S III: It’s good to be the Android king (review)

Posted by VentureBeat
With the Galaxy S III, Samsung is downright flaunting its expertise with Android hardware. From its gorgeous screen, to its smooth curves, the phone is a beauty to behold. The Galaxy S III joins the latest wave of Android phones (which include�HTC’s One series) that finally make Android feel like the superpowerful mobile OS Google has always promised.
But it wasn’t always this way — it’s sort of crazy to consider just how far Samsung has come over the past two years. I remember sitting in a Hell’s Kitchen warehouse as Samsung showed off its first Galaxy S models in the summer of 2010. They were sleek and sexy, but what was most remarkable was that Samsung manage[...]
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Stealthy startup Bluebox gets $9.5M to secure a BYOD world

Posted by Gigaom
A stealthy security startup called Bluebox has raised $9.5 million from a who?s who of investors, although the world will have to wait a little longer to hear about the technology justifying all that money. If venture capitalist reputations are indicative of big things to come, though, Bluebox must be onto something. Andreessen Horowitz led the round that also included Andy Bechtolsheim (who?s also a board member), Ram Shriram and Brian Cohen.
Here?s what we do know about Bluebox: the company is targeting the security of enterprise data on mobile devices and was co-founded by Caleb Sima and Adam Ely. Sima comes from HP, which acquired SPI Dynamics ? the company he co-founded along with inves[...]
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HP Announces Low-power Server System With Upcoming Atom Chip

Posted by PCWorld
UPDATE: Hewlett-Packard on Tuesday introduced a low-power server system called Gemini that will be based on Intel's upcoming Atom processor, code-named Centerton[...]
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