Formspring Relaunches As An Interest-Based Social Network | Google cracks down on sites that rip MP3s from YouTube videos (update) | Fake Android Antivirus App Likely Linked to Zeus Banking Trojan, Researchers Say | TC Mini-Meet Up: We'll See You At 6pm In The Field House In Downtown Philadelphia | Microsoft. Kicks. Ass.

Formspring Relaunches As An Interest-Based Social Network

Posted by TechCrunch
Q&A site Formspring�is today announcing what the company says is its biggest news since its original launch back in 2009. Yes, Formspring has been overhauled. The company is shifting its focus from social Q&A, to a site that’s more focused on conversations built around interests.�To complement this change, Formspring is also rolling out a completely redesigned website to highlight the company’s new direction. A mobile web version will soon follow.
CEO Ade Olonoh�says the decision to shift Formspring’s focus is reflective of what’s been happening organically on the site over the past six months leading up to today. “It’s a pretty fundamental shift i[...]
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Google cracks down on sites that rip MP3s from YouTube videos (update)

Posted by VentureBeat
The days of being able to rip an MP3 file from the audio of a YouTube video are numbered as far as Google is concerned.
The search giant apparently sent a letter to one of the biggest offenders,, to inform it that using the video site in this way violates YouTube’s terms of service, according to a letter obtained by TorrentFreak.
Sites like this work by separating the audio component from a YouTube video in an effortless process. Users simply plug in the YouTube URL of the video they wish to grab an audio file of, wait for the site to “convert” the file, and then download it to their hard drive. Some sites even let you choose the audio quality and meta data[...]
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Fake Android Antivirus App Likely Linked to Zeus Banking Trojan, Researchers Say

Posted by PCWorld
Android Security Suite Premium, disguised as a Microsoft antivirus update program, is capable of stealing SMS messages and uploading them to a remote server[...]
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TC Mini-Meet Up: We’ll See You At 6pm In The Field House In Downtown Philadelphia

Posted by TechCrunch
After a late start we arrived in Philly and talked to a number of cool folks at Office Hours. Now it’s time to party.
Josh Zelman, Jordan Crook, Chris Velazco, and myself will be at the Field House at 6pm and we’re ready to talk startups, tech, and all things in between. We’re excited to head out to the city of brotherly love and we’re also excited to announce a new sponsor, Uber, who is offering a special gift to our Philly readers.
Uber would like to help you get to and from the event so if you enter the coupon code TechCrunchPhilly before requesting a ride you’ll get 20% off of 2 trips.
The Philly Meetup will begin promptly at 6pm and go until 10pm, and will[...]
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Microsoft. Kicks. Ass.

Posted by VentureBeat
I’m a Mac user. Have been for 25 years. I have an iPhone, Macbook Air, a couple of iMacs, three or four old iPods, and a massive rat’s nest of old Mac cables and connectors. Love Mac OS X, and iOS. Might not switch to save my life.
So yeah, a bit of an Apple fanboy.
But Microsoft knocked one out of the park yesterday. Completely. Hit. A. Home. Run.
I’m impressed — and I’m happy.
The most iconic company of the technology industry of the ’80s, ’90s, and even early 2000s finally got off the sidelines in the most important revolution in computing in the past 30 years.
The company that mattered so much for so long was starting to not even be part of the c[...]
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