Vungle Creates $1M Fund To Lure Top Mobile Developers To Its New App Promotion Platform | Nokia's 41MP 808 PureView coming to U.S. for $699, meant for rich eccentrics | Twitter was down: sporadic outages persist Thursday morning | LocalResponse: Our Ad Network Has 7 Billion Impressions Per Month And Is Almost Profitable | China's Tencent nabs a minority stake in Epic Games

Vungle Creates $1M Fund To Lure Top Mobile Developers To Its New App Promotion Platform

Posted by TechCrunch
Vungle is all about taking a unique and aggressive approach to promotion. That’s because the startup is on a mission to give mobile developers a better way to promote their apps — and an alternative to banner ads — by helping them create short, HD video trailers that can be shown across other apps in its network. But alternative advertising isn’t just for their customers, Vungle’s co-founders have employed it themselves.
After reading TechCrunch’s post about AngelPad, Co-founders Zain Jaffer and Jack Smith bought targeted search and Facebook ads to reach the accelerator’s founder Thomas Korte and his friends. The ads said they had an urgent message f[...]
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Nokia’s 41MP 808 PureView coming to U.S. for $699, meant for rich eccentrics

Posted by VentureBeat
Nokia’s killer new camera phone is finally coming to America, but unless you’ve got $700 to burn, we recommend holding off.
Nokia announced today that the 808 PureView, which is now infamous for its 41-megapixel camera, will soon be available for $699 on Amazon for U.S. customers. You’re paying a pretty penny, since you’re buying the phone off-contract, and you’ll have to provide your own AT&T or T-Mobile SIM card (it’s 2G-only on T-Mobile).
We’ve covered extensively why the 808 PureView’s camera is so remarkable. It packs an astounding number of pixels into a tiny sensor, allowing you to zoom into photos in extreme ways. But the phone also[...]
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Twitter was down: sporadic outages persist Thursday morning

Posted by Gigaom
We’re updating this post continuously as we learn more.
Twitter appeared to be experiencing a widespread outage on Thursday morning, users discovered, taking their complaints to other sites around the web while waiting for the company to respond.
“Users may be experiencing issues accessing Twitter. Our engineers are currently working to resolve the issue,” said Carolyn Penner, a Twitter spokeswoman, in response to a request for comment on the outage. The company posted a brief message to the same effect on the Twitter Status blog.
The outage, which began around 9 a.m. PT, appears to be affecting both as well as the various clients that users employ to get their[...]
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LocalResponse: Our Ad Network Has 7 Billion Impressions Per Month And Is Almost Profitable

Posted by TechCrunch
LocalResponse, a network that targets ads based �on social network data (such as check ins), is sharing some news about its growth. The big number: It says it’s serving more than 7 billion impressions per month.To be clear, it isn’t actually filling all of that inventory, or even close to 100 percent, as CEO and co-founder Nihal Mehta admits. However, he says that if LocalResponse could fill even half of it, say at a $6 CPM (the rate for each thousand impressions), it would still be a big business[...]
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China’s Tencent nabs a minority stake in Epic Games

Posted by VentureBeat
China’s most valuable Internet company, Tencent, is continuing its invasion into the U.S. gaming market in a big way today. Epic Games, maker of popular titles like Gears of War, announced today that Tencent has made a strategic minority investment in the company.
Tencent already had a preexisting relationship with Epic as a licensee of its Unreal Engine, the most popular 3D gaming engine on the market.� The deal is expected to close within one month. Terms were not disclosed.
The investment follows Tencent’s $400 million investment in Riot Games last year, a U.S.-based online game company. With the Epic deal, it’s clear that Tencent is aiming to get its fingers into even m[...]
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