Google: Western Democracies Also Seek to Censor Political Content | Sincerely Ink And Brit Morin's Weduary Team Up On Wedding Invites Collection | Netflix neuters its API for third-party apps (update) | Cheap natural gas: Could it be a transportation fuel? | U.K. Attorney Says U.S. Won't Extradite LulzSec Defendant

Google: Western Democracies Also Seek to Censor Political Content

Posted by PCWorld
Western democracies, which are not typically associated with censorship, have demanded that Google take down certain political videos, blog posts, and more[...]
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Sincerely Ink And Brit Morin’s Weduary Team Up On Wedding Invites Collection

Posted by TechCrunch
Sincerely, the startup behind photo and card-printing mobile apps�Postagram,�PopBooth,�Sincerely Ink�and�Dotti, has partnered with�Brit Morin’s latest venture,��Weduary, a service for designing social wedding websites. Through the new partnership, Weduary will now offer a special collection of wedding invitations and other wedding-related cards within Sincerely’s flagship app, Sincerely Ink.
For those unfamiliar with these two companies, Sincerely Ink is like a beefed up version of Apple’s Cards app (with a better selection of cards), and Weduary is a�newly launched weddings startup�that’s taking on top brands like TheKnot and MyWedding by leveraging Facebook to build[...]
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Netflix neuters its API for third-party apps (update)

Posted by VentureBeat
Update: This post has been updated with clarification from Netflix about the API changes.
Netflix made some pretty significant changes to its developer API Friday.
The changes rip away key pieces of information that could be useful for third-party Netflix applications. [See update below] Developers can no longer distribute/use content from any other video service other than Netflix or for search and discovery of content linking to competing services. This more or less kills all usage by “TV guide” apps, such as the wonderfully useful There are also new restrictions on viewing/rental history and when titles are allowed to be displayed within a third-party service.[...]
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Cheap natural gas: Could it be a transportation fuel?

Posted by Gigaom
This story first appeared on GigaOM Pro, our premium research service (subscription required).
Natural gas dipped below $2 per thousand cubic feet in April, the first time in a decade, driven by the expansion in hydraulic fracking, a mild winter and the fact that the U.S. market is largely closed to outside demand because we cannot yet export natural gas at scale. So with prices so low, it?s worth taking a look at whether natural gas could be play a larger role as a transportation fuel.
At today?s natural gas prices of about $2.40, the price is equivalent to about $14 per barrel of oil, which translates to about a $1.50 less per gallon when compared to gasoline. The trade off, of course, is[...]
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U.K. Attorney Says U.S. Won't Extradite LulzSec Defendant

Posted by PCWorld
The U.S. government does not plan to request the extradition of alleged LulzSec member Ryan Cleary, the British man's attorney said[...]
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