Don't Forget: TechCrunch Is In Philadelphia Tomorrow | PayPal's website is no longer an insult to your eyes | QCon: Application Development Faces Seismic Shift | SaneBox Now Has A Solution For The Enterprise Email Overload Crisis | Funding daily: Print out a wacky design in 3-D

Don’t Forget: TechCrunch Is In Philadelphia Tomorrow

Posted by TechCrunch
Tomorrow we’re invading Philly for an evening of networking, fun, and bacchanalian pleasure. Are you coming?
Josh Zelman, Jordan Crook, Chris Velazco, and myself will be rolling into Philadelphia on Tuesday morning and we’re ready to talk startups, tech, and all things in between. We’re excited to head out to the city of brotherly love and we’re also excited to announce a new sponsor, Uber, who is offering a special gift to our Philly readers.
The Philly Meetup will begin promptly at 6pm and go until 10pm, and will be held in The Fieldhouse on June 19. If you’d like to RSVP, head on over to our Plancast page. Specific questions can be directed to john@techcrunch[...]
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PayPal’s website is no longer an insult to your eyes

Posted by VentureBeat
Digital transactions leader PayPal has started rolling out a brand new design to its main website for some users today.
Unfortunately, I wasn’t one of the lucky ones to see the updated site, but I can say for certain that it’s long overdue. If I had to put the old site into a metaphor, I’d say it was sort of like an extremely useful accountant friend who is out of touch with fashion from the previous two decades ? smart, but always goofy looking.�Like an above-average Dreamweaver template from the late ’90s, it has tons of tabs along the top navigation with� really obscure descriptors that force you to click through each one when you can’t find something.
By con[...]
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QCon: Application Development Faces Seismic Shift

Posted by PCWorld
In much the same way that Java replaced C++ 15 years ago as the dominant programming language for enterprise software, Web development technologies such as HTML5, JavaScript and others might supplant traditional programming languages today, according to an Oracle software executive.
The reason for the shift is that new Web development technologies better fit today's mobile platforms, said Cameron Purdy, vice president of development for Oracle, at the QCon software conference in New York Tuesday.
"HTML5 and JavaScript together are becoming a programming platform onto themselves," Purdy said. "We haven't seen this magnitude of change in 15 years, since the Web came into public existence," Pur[...]
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SaneBox Now Has A Solution For The Enterprise Email Overload Crisis

Posted by TechCrunch
Enterprise users get more than their fair share of unimportant email. To help this problem, SaneBox, a time-saving email product, is now targeting in the enterprise space. Two months ago, TechCrunch wrote how SaneBox was taming email overload with its smart email filtering service. Today, the Boston-based startup is launching SaneBox for Business. Enterprise customers will be able to setup SaneBox on existing systems such as Google Apps, Exchange, Outlook and Lotus Notes.
SaneBox filters non-important emails out of your main inbox. It’s easily customizable and learns from your actions. It also lets you zap emails to the Black Hole, so you never see email from that sender again. Some of[...]
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Funding daily: Print out a wacky design in 3-D

Posted by VentureBeat
Check out today’s funding news; there’s a lot of it. A high-brow Airbnb clone snagged $12 million, and 3-D printing received a $6.2 million boost. Take a look at the other companies that VCs are throwing money at today:
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Codecademy�is a�drop-dead simple site that teaches you how to code. The company snapped up $10 million from Virgin’s Richard Branson,�Index Ventures, Kleiner Perkins, and Russian entrepreneur/investor Yuri Milner.�Read more on VentureBeat:�Codecademy gets new money from Index, Kleiner Perkins, & Richard Freaking�Branson.
Near Infin[...]
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