Tailored Displays Compensate for Vision Problems | Meet Feel UX: Sharp's Answer To HTC's Sense And Samsung's TouchWiz | LinkedIn accused of cutting corners in protecting user data | The future of news: Mobile, video, data - and crowdsourced | Music Streaming App Songza Surpasses 1 Million iOS Downloads In 10 Days

Tailored Displays Compensate for Vision Problems

Posted by PCWorld
Researchers have built a prototype display designed to compensate for vision problems so that viewers don't need to wear glasses[...]
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Meet Feel UX: Sharp’s Answer To HTC’s Sense And Samsung’s TouchWiz

Posted by TechCrunch
Every Android device manufacturer has at one point or another pondered how to make their devices stand out in a crowded field of competitors.
There are plenty of ways to tackle that question but Sharp is taking a tried and true approach for their newest Japan-only smartphones — throwing their own custom UI over the stock Android experience, thanks to a little help from global design firm frog.
The so-called Feel UX greets users with the image-centric lockscreen, which lets them swipe left and right through their stored photos in addition to displaying notifications, stock quotes, the current weather and (naturally) allowing people to unlock their device. Once users have navigated past[...]
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LinkedIn accused of cutting corners in protecting user data

Posted by VentureBeat
LinkedIn is being sued for a password hack that resulted in millions of passwords being stolen from the business social network and appearing on a Russian forum.
The class action lawsuit comes from a premium (or paying) LinkedIn user Katie Szpryka, who says LinkedIn didn’t do enough to “properly safeguard its users’ digitally stored and personally identifiable information, including e-mail addresses, passwords, and login credentials.” She claims that the company failed to use Industry Standard Protocols to protect the information and wants over $5 million in return. Indeed, LinkedIn has been criticized for the way it handled the breach, with some customers unhappy tha[...]
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The future of news: Mobile, video, data — & crowdsourced

Posted by Gigaom
The Knight Foundation, a non-profit entity that is one of the biggest funders of journalism and media-related projects in the United States, announced the winners of the first round of its Knight News Challenge on Monday in Massachusetts — a contest aimed at funding the next generation of news entrepreneurs. This round was aimed at startups that are taking advantage of existing networks such as Ustream and Twitter, and the winners who are sharing the $1.37 million in prize money are trying to develop video, mobile and crowdsourced solutions to the problem of filtering the vast ocean of news that washes over us every day.
In past years, the Knight Foundation — which was set up by[...]
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Music Streaming App Songza Surpasses 1 Million iOS Downloads In 10 Days

Posted by TechCrunch
Last week, music curation and streaming service Songza launched an iPad app to join their already-available iPhone, Android, and web apps. And over the course of the last ten days, the company’s iOS apps have been downloaded more than 1.15 million times.
This is a testament to how startups can disrupt crowded spaces as long as the core idea is solving the problem differently. Songza achieves that with some added user delight to boot.
Unlike Pandora’s algorithms or Spotify’s blank canvas approach, Songza offers up playlists that have been curated by music experts, like Rolling Stone writers and DJs. But the way these playlists are delivered is what really makes the app speci[...]
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