A Redesigned, Slicker PayPal Is Coming Tomorrow; Some Seeing New Look Today | Turn your iOS device into a musical instrument for free with Ocarina 2 | Stop Using Email for Everything | The Oatmeal To Charles Carreon: "Come Back When You've Calmed Down" | The Next Yext: Local business listing upstart gets a major facelift

A Redesigned, Slicker PayPal Is Coming Tomorrow; Some Seeing New Look Today

Posted by TechCrunch
PayPal, the eBay-owned online payments service that is making significant inroads into mobile, is giving its website an overhaul to make it easier for its 100 million+ users to pay and get paid, find help, and potentially start using some of the newer services that PayPal is pushing hard to grow. The redesign also happens to look a lot more touch-friendly, perhaps a sign of how much tablets, smartphones and the mobile web figure today in the company’s strategy.
Some users are starting to see the new look already, and one of them, a TechCrunch reader, sent some screenshots our way. A PayPal spokesperson confirmed that these are indeed shots of the new site, and that it is planning to an[...]
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Turn your iOS device into a musical instrument for free with Ocarina 2

Posted by VentureBeat
It may seem silly to play your phone like a musical instrument, but that’s exactly what over six million iOS users have done with the Ocarina app, a program created by the social music-making company Smule that turns the iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad into a virtual wind instrument. Today, Smule is launching the free Ocarina 2 on Apple’s App Store.
“In 2008, we released Ocarina, a magical flute-like instrument sensitive to your breath and touch, and allowed people around the world to listen to one another create music,” said Smule in a statement sent to GamesBeat. “Recently, we went back to the drawing board to re-imagine Ocarina from the ground up to make it easie[...]
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Stop Using Email for Everything

Posted by PCWorld
"I think email is so archaic. It's the bane of my existence."--Robert Corrao, LAC GroupRobert Corrao has seven different Macs, an Apple TV, and of course an iPhone and an iPad to carry with him wherever he goes. The chief operating officer at LAC Group, a professional services company in Los Angeles, doesn't mind loading himself down with technology, but he's not always a fan of what it brings: Email, and plenty of it. He estimates he receives 500 emails a day--and that the average inbox in his organization contains 5000 emails. It's all too much, and too little of it is important.
"It kills me," he said. "Just deleting--not even reading--that still takes a good chunk of the day."
So Corrao[...]
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The Oatmeal To Charles Carreon: “Come Back When You’ve Calmed Down”

Posted by TechCrunch
The Oatmeal’s Matthew Inman wrote an open letter to the lawyer who has been harassing him for most of two weeks, Charles Carreon. Carreon just sued Inman as well as the National Wildlife Fund and the American Cancer Society. You can see some background here but this is all as crazy as it sounds.
I’ll avoid giving much context (you can read previous posts here) because Inman deserves a break and Carreon seems so oddly earnest and naive that it is worthless judging either party.
Inman wrote:
So when did this transform from Oatmeal VS FunnyJunk to Carreon VS the internet? I’m going to take a wild shot in the dark here and guess that it’s when you announced to a journali[...]
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The Next Yext: Local business listing upstart gets a major facelift

Posted by VentureBeat
Hot off of its recent $27 million funding round, New York City-based Yext is today introducing The Next Yext, a massive update to the company’s business listing synchronization service that offers a revamped user interface, as well as a slew of useful new features.
Among those new additions are multi-location features that make the service more useful to large nationwide retail chains; review monitoring, allowing you to glance at user reviews across several sites at once; and a helpful profile builder, which points out where you have missing business info.
The company initially started out as a phone transcription service, but after releasing a feature to help business owners monitor t[...]
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