How to overclock Samsung Galaxy S3? | HP Worried About an Oracle Takeover After Hurd Switched Sides | San Francisco Vs. Silicon Valley: Where Should You Build Your Business? | Solving the pain points of mobile developers | Is Yammer worth $1B?

How to overclock Samsung Galaxy S3?

Posted by Jayceooi
Overclock is the easiest way to improve performance on Samsung Galaxy S III. Samsung Galaxy S3 Quad Core Application Processor is clocked at 1.4 GHz by default. However, you still can push its limit and improve overall Samsung Galaxy S3 performance by overclock up to 1.8 GHz. Official Samsung Galaxy S3 kernel does not support overclock feature. So you need to install custom kernel for Samsung Galaxy S3 in order to overclock.
Note – overclock will reduce Samsung Galaxy S3 Quad Core Application Processor and other hardware components lifespan because it will overheat easily. Do it at your own risk.
How to overclock Samsung Galaxy S3?
Note ? Only check ?Set on Boot? when you are confident[...]
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HP Worried About an Oracle Takeover After Hurd Switched Sides

Posted by PCWorld
Hewlett-Packard voiced concerns about Oracle attempting a hostile takeover after it hired former HP CEO Mark Hurd as co-president, Oracle's lead counsel told a judge on Monday.
HP sued Hurd shortly after he went to Oracle in September 2010, and the two companies quickly tried to settle the dispute. One of HP's core demands was a "standstill" agreement blocking takeover bids by Oracle for a period of time, said Dorian Daley, Oracle's senior vice president, general counsel and secretary, a key player in the negotiations with HP. But Daley dismissed HP's worries.
"I said, 'Are you kidding me?'" Daley said during questioning by Oracle in front of Judge James Kleinberg in Santa Clara County Super[...]
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San Francisco Vs. Silicon Valley: Where Should You Build Your Business?

Posted by TechCrunch
When Mark Zuckerberg left Harvard in the summer of 2004, he didn’t move his fledgling company to the mountains, or the Gulf of Mexico, or San Francisco, he moved to Silicon Valley. Well, Palo Alto to be precise. In an interview with Y Combinator partner Jessica Livingston last year, he said of his impression of Silicon Valley, “You get this feeling that you need to be out here.” Many founders are familiar with this magnetic force. It’s the reason that Silicon Valley has been a mecca for technology companies and startups over the last several decades.
Of course, Facebook left the East Coast eight years ago, and a lot has changed in the meantime. In the same interview,[...]
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Solving the pain points of mobile developers

Posted by VentureBeat
Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers partner�Mary Meeker pointed out the following facts in the 2012 Annual Internet Trends report and the Cisco Visual Networking Index report:
According to a recent survey conducted by mobile development and cloud platform provider (and one of my portfolio investments) Appcelerator, mobile developers are enthusiastically embracing cloud services.
However, there are some key pain points mobile developers face today including:
And above all
For VentureBeat’s upcoming MobileBeat conference (July 10-11 in San Francisco), we have assembled a panel of innovative founders whose companies are solving some of these pain points. In the panel, which I’ll be[...]
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Is Yammer worth $1B?

Posted by Gigaom
Microsoft’s reported $1 billion deal to buy Yammer�isn’t done yet, but the move — despite what many see as a too-hefty price tag — could make sense.
Yammer has big name recognition in the burgeoning field of enterprise social networking — its product lets colleagues chat about projects and share tips in a business-defined context. Microsoft Office remains the market-leading productivity suite despite incursions by OpenOffice,�LibreOffice and Google Apps rivals. Pairing the Office with Yammer makes sense, as Forrester Research analyst Rob Koplowitz wrote in Forbes.
Or the software giant could go narrower and yoke Yammer to the Microsoft Business Solutions’[...]
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