Nokia to Cut 10,000 Employees by End 2013, Sells Vertu | Windows 8: You'll Absolutely Hate It At First (But Give It A Chance Anyway) | Mobile incubator Tandem raises $32M to "invest different" | Groupon shareholder Kinnevik heads for the door | On Ubokia, Buyers Post What They're Looking For ? And Now It's Embeddable On Partner Sites

Nokia to Cut 10,000 Employees by End 2013, Sells Vertu

Posted by PCWorld
Nokia said Thursday that it plans to cut up to 10,000 positions globally by the end of 2013, and is selling luxury phone maker Vertu in a bid to cut costs, even as it plans to boost investments in feature phones, and smartphones based on the Windows Phone operating system.
The company also announced changes in its senior management and plans to acquire imaging specialists as well as all technologies and intellectual property from Scalado in Lund, Sweden.
Nokia also plans to invest in its location-based platform as a way of differentiating its Lumia smartphones with services such as navigation and visual search applications such as the recently announced Nokia City Lens.
On the expenses front[...]
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Windows 8: You’ll Absolutely Hate It At First (But Give It A Chance Anyway)

Posted by TechCrunch
Windows 8 is, without doubt, Microsoft’s most ambitious release in recent memory. It does away with a lot of what users have come to expect from Windows over the years. The iconic Start button is gone, for example. Instead, we now get an operating system that has a bit of a split personality, with Metro replacing the Start menu and offering full-screen apps and a legacy desktop with its usual taskbar, which basically looks like Windows 7.5. All of this has made pundits wary about how users will react once they get their first Windows 8 machines. People don’t like change and, as Reuters pointed out last week, chances are that Microsoft’s users will struggle the redesign. Ind[...]
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Mobile incubator Tandem raises $32M to “invest different”

Posted by VentureBeat
Tandem Capital has raised a $32 million round to invest in early-stage mobile companies. The company has a large stable of big-name hands-on investors and a unique way of incubating startups that has led to a startling 90 percent success ratio.
The firm raised the capital from an all-star cast of limited partners, including Verifone CEO Doug Bergeron, Google founding board member Ram Shriram, and Amazon senior vice-president Jeff Wilke. It intends to�be hands-on with its investments and personally help entrepreneurs succeed, Tandem co-founder Doug Renert told VentureBeat yesterday.
That fits with Tandem’s overall investment philosophy –�the company is a very different kind of inc[...]
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Groupon shareholder Kinnevik heads for the door

Posted by Gigaom
Swedish investment group Kinnevik has cut its ties to Groupon, selling up its remaining stake in the daily deals company for $81.5 million.
It’s a significant return for Kinnevik, which invested just $2.9 million two years ago in German company MyCityDeal, shortly before it was purchased by Groupon.
But the exit could have been a lot higher had the Stockholm-based group cashed out around the time of Groupon’s IPO last November. Since then, amid controversy about its accounting procedures and heavy criticism of its sales tactics, the company’s shares have been on an almost constant slide.
That means by the time Kinnevik sold its 8.3 million shares, the stock price had fall[...]
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On Ubokia, Buyers Post What They’re Looking For ? And Now It’s Embeddable On Partner Sites

Posted by TechCrunch
Looking for a cool new bike? Or a dress of a specific color and style? Instead of making you search for it, a startup called Ubokia lets you post what you’re looking for, then wait for the sellers to come to you.The site has been making progress recently, crossing the 100,000 user mark (the company says via email that it’s now “well on our way to 200K users and over 400K unique visitors”), and it just launched a new feature that could take those numbers up further, by making Ubokia embeddable on partner sites[...]
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