Apply Now: Unreasonable At Sea To Embark On 100 Day Journey in 2013 To Change The World | Bing and Yelp, sittin' in a tree, bringing local reviews to web searches | Diablo III Debuts Real Money Auction House | Can I Sue You People? Troll Lawyer Sues The Charities The Oatmeal Supports | Microsoft's NUads on Xbox Live 'motions' boring TV commercials forward

Apply Now: Unreasonable At Sea To Embark On 100 Day Journey in 2013 To Change The World

Posted by TechCrunch
What happens when you throw a bunch of startups, mentors, and wild college students on a boat for roughly four months? It’s never been done before, so nobody knows.
But on January 9, 2013, the first experimental Unreasonable at Sea accelerator class will leave San Diego aboard Semester at Sea‘s MV Explorer (the fastest cruise-liner in the world) for a 14 country jaunt to test, deploy and scale 10 startups in international markets.
“The experiment for us is one in transnational entrepreneurship. How do we take a technology like an affordable nano technology from India, for example, that’s already profitable and help them scale?, “�Daniel Epstein, founder of the U[...]
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Bing and Yelp, sittin’ in a tree, bringing local reviews to web searches

Posted by VentureBeat
Bing and Yelp have cozied up to bring a sweet, sweet search baby into the world. Now, Bing searches will feature brief reviews and more relevant information for decision-making for all kinds of local businesses.
The new “Powered by Yelp” Bing search experience will start rolling out to users today, and the rollout should be complete within the next few weeks. For now, this feature is available in the U.S. only.
In addition to snippets from full Yelp reviews, Bing Local will serve up photos and business attributes on all relevant Bing Local pages.
Bing Local already features some similar data from Citysearch, including ratings and review snippets, business hours, and photos. Howe[...]
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Diablo III Debuts Real Money Auction House

Posted by PCWorld
Blizzard is letting gamers sell virtual items for actual cash. We check in on the Auction House's first day[...]
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Can I Sue You People? Troll Lawyer Sues The Charities The Oatmeal Supports

Posted by TechCrunch
So here’s a nice twist to the whole Oatmeal saga: the FunnyJunk lawyer who has been aggrieved by the Internet is now suing the National Cancer Society and the National Wildlife Federation.
Yes. He’s suing the bears. And the cancer.
Popehat dug up the lawsuits. Some highlights:
2. Charles Carreon appears as “attorney pro se,” meaning “I am attorney but am representing only myself” and “I will continue to wreak havoc until forcibly medicated.”
3. CNS included the following description of the case, which is most likely drafted by CNS upon review of the complaint: “Trademark infringement and incitement to cyber-vandalism. Defendants Inman and[...]
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Microsoft’s NUads on Xbox Live ‘motions’ boring TV commercials forward

Posted by VentureBeat
The traditional television commercials that play between programs on a TV set are long overdue for an upgrade, which Microsoft is more than happy to provide.
The technology giant announced today it will begin selling advertising units for its interactive NUads ad product on Xbox Live. Unlike traditional TV commercials, NUads will use the Kinect’s motion sensing technology to help boost audience engagement. VentureBeat previously praised NUads as a potential savior for the stagnant TV ad industry, and now we’re finally getting a closer look at it.
Basically, the 30 seconds you typically spend staring haplessly into space while a Tide video plays in the background will hopefully be[...]
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